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**NEW Adult NOGI Divisions Changing (now by belt: white, blue, purple, brown/black)**

**NEW Adult Mens weight division added (200-215lb)**

NOGI divisions are changing from the 3 divisions by years of experience and is now to 4 divisions by belt: White, Blue, Purple, Brown/Black

  • Allows Submission chart to remain the same
  • Allows Nogi competitors to still move up a division if they want to test themselves or the ruleset (nogi only)
  • Helps eliminate sandbagging
  • Helps provide more fair matchups based on experience

Additionally, men’s Gi and NoGi divisions will include more weight divisions at the higher range

  • Old divisions: 185-210 and 210-230
  • New divisions: 185-200, 200-215, 215-230 (230+ unchanged)

These changes are aimed to take effect at our May 1st events and all events afterwards under Grappling Industries. It is important as our back end updates over this next month to check your active registrations to make sure you are still correctly placed under the new changes.


Q. How will my current registrations change for nogi entries?

  • We will use your smoothcomp profile belt to move your nogi entries to the appropriate new division.  Check your entry the week prior to your event and ensure it is correct or adjust if you would like to move yourself up in experience.

Q. My team/academy doesn't have any belts and/or we are strictly nogi only, what belt should we be picking?

  • Please consult with your coach to ensure you are registered accordingly. We expect all nogi only coaches to have an understanding with experience levels compared to traditional belts.  Your belt should then be added to your profile and you will no longer be able to compete at any lower belt level.

Q. What about weight division entries?

  • Competitors in the -210 division will be automatically moved to the 200-215 weight division.  Please ensure the week prior to your event that you move yourself to the appropriate weight division based on your current weight for the event.